Soul mate online dating sites

As an online dating expert, you may be puzzled at my stance.

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Christian Mingle made 12.7 million dollars in only one quarter in 2011. The big players, and, both made 105.2 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2011. As long as the users’ best interest is kept in mind, there is no shame in these companies’ success.

If you’re comfortable meeting people online, want to strike up a new relationship and would even consider relocating for love, there’s likely a dating website for you.

In fact, there’s a site for everyone in search of romance, including Trekkies, zombie fans, farmers and self-proclaimed “uglies.” But even if your tastes are a little more mainstream, you may find luck with one of the top 5 dating sites.

Some of us are looking for a mate to form a bond with,...

10 Facts About Online Dating That You Don’t Know There are 40 million of people in the U. who have tried online dating and 17% percent of those who met online ended up marrying their soul mate and 20 % are in committed relationships.

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